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I was born in Bratislava, Slovakia as a stubborn perfectionist with lots of ambitions. I always had an inclination towards art and so my biggest ambition was to become an artist. In my work, I try to combine my inner self with what is going on around me, all good or bad. My work reflects what I am interested in at the given moment of my life. Like people and life itself, sometimes it is funny and straightforward, other times dark and complex. While I pursued this studying at University of Brighton, I made myself visible with number of successful short films, including Initiation of a City Dweller (screened at Experimenta, Cine-City Film 2009 Festival, Brighton, UK), The Great Grey (screened at GSTAAD 2010 Festival Switzerland and at the White Night 2009 Brighton, UK), Think and Move (2010 Runner-up prize winner, MOFILM, London, UK). My work in England was focused on experimental shorts with strong emphasis on stop-motion animation. Later I became fascinated with eastern European stop-motion fairy tales and so I hit the road again and I took MA course in Animation at the Academy of Miroslav Ondříček in Písek, Czech Republic. Here I wrote, directed and animated two short puppet films. The first was a short folk tale What goes around... and the second an ambitious film First snow. I am currently collaborating on various short projects and developing my feature debut „The Precious Gift“.