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The Dance of the Absurd is a short experimental film depicting the human mind's dialogue concerning questions of life and death. The mind is divided into two camps: the Head representing the intellect and the Body representing inborn instincts. The Head offers suicide but the Body fights back with a shamanistic dance of defeating bad thoughts, offering hope to preserve life.  



Artist statement


Every being lives and acts according to certain cultural and social believes, habits, acumen and determination that structure the life. The knowledge and experience accumulated over the course of lifespan are directed towards the drive to achieve goals or to satisfy needs. These are one of the basic physiological needs human posses to make sense out of life. There are times though when one suddenly stops and recognizes the spiral mechanics and ridiculousness of systematic life. Questions concerning the absurdity of suffering and pain are contemplated but often challenged by the innate bodily instincts to protect and give hope. Some, however, get as far as becoming ignorant of such instincts and achieve the hardest act of all - the act of self-destruction. Others continue to 'dance' between the conscious mind and the living body until one of the two ceases to function.


The idea of the film stems from the observations and analysis of the state of mind in the elderly or physically impaired patients. The film conveys a 'cyclical dance' depicted by a continuous dialogue between the mind that is conscious of its mortality and the body, which shrinks from annihilation as a result of inborn instinct.        

                     DANCE OF THE ABSURD