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Initiation of a City Dweller is a short experimental film combining the art of animation and live-action. The work pictures the universal, omni-present initiation ceremony that involves change of a religious or social status of the initiated one through symbolic death and resurrection. This ritual is divided into five main stages: dismemberment of a candidate's body, cleaning of body parts and internal organs, releasing and cleaning of one's soul and finally, physical and spiritual renewal.


The film is very symbolic and refers to practices of Shamanism moving from and beyond traditions of Siberia, Asia, Indonesia, America, Tibet and China. The modern civilisation no longer experiences such mythical universe directly, for instance through re-enactment of initiatory ordeals. Instead, such rites of passage are reduced to narratives about initiatory scenarios experienced in forms of entertaining and escapist tales through which they keep transmitting their message.          

                     INITIATON OF CITY DWELLER